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Psychotherapy GDPR Privacy Statement

If you choose to work with me as a psychotherapist, the following will apply to our work.

Information I keep about you as a psychotherapy client, why and how I keep it

·      Your name, email address, contact telephone number

o   so we can easily communicate for the duration of our therapeutic work.

o   This information is provided by you on your client agreement, which is stored in a locked drawer. Your phone number will also be stored anonymously on my phone which only I have access to and is passcode protected. Your email address is stored in my secure email account. 

·      Emergency contact name and phone number. I will use this if I have serious concerns about your well being, or if there is an emergency during a session so I can let someone know if you need assistance or have been taken to hospital. You provide this on your client agreement. I will also keep the person’s phone number anonymised on my passcode protected phone.

·      Anonymised session attendance records and occasional factual notes in a password protected document on computer which is also password protected and backed up onto external password protected hard drive.

·      Digitally photographed therapeutic images as and when relevant to our work and always in agreement with you, the client. It can help facilitate the therapeutic work to be able to refer back to images over time. These are kept anonymously on a password protected computer and backed up onto a password protected hard drive.

How long I keep this information

·      Your client agreement will be shredded and all the above information about you kept on computer, phone and email account will be permanently deleted 90 days following our final session. This allows time for clients to return to therapy some time after finishing when data held is likely to remain relevant and it complies with the UKCP and GDPR regulations which essentially say that I will not hold your information longer than is necessary. I believe if we are no longer working together regularly, then it is no longer necessary or helpful for me to keep your information. You can of course always get in touch with me again should you wish to return to therapy in future.


·      In addition to GDPR, our therapeutic work is confidential. I will not share your name, email, phone number, emergency contact, attendance record, notes or session material with anyone unless I have specific concerns about your safety or the safety of someone else in relation to you. I will always try to let you know why I need to share any information, before I share it with anyone else.

·      I will share therapeutic images and session material with my clinical supervisor, which is a necessary part of our therapeutic work. Clinical supervision is a facilitative tool for the therapist to improve her therapeutic skills and develop her awareness for the purpose of benefitting the work with individual clients. I will not use your real name when discussing our work with my supervisor. My clinical supervisor also adheres to GDPR and confidentiality rules.

Additional Information

·      I will use your personal information ONLY for the purposes of our therapeutic work.

·      I will inform you as soon as possible if there is ever a breach in the protection of the above information.

·      You have a right to request to see the information held about you.

·      This statement and policies described are in development and may change.