Wild Hastings at Hastings Rail Station until 31 January 2019
Featuring Photo Hastings members Rose Biela, Ian Grant, Marybeth Haas and Andrew Moran

The exhibition was conceived as a celebration of the natural environments in which Hastings is situated. Hastings urban areas are surrounded and punctuated by stunning wild and green spaces which compliment the creative human activities of the town. Some of these places existed long before humans arrived while others are in constant relationship with human activity. We are blessed here with ancient woodlands, the country park, a variety of beaches, open green spaces and parkland, all teaming with wildlife. Each artist created images in response to their feelings of connection with the local natural spaces and wild places that they most enjoy. The result is a range of expressive styles offering a rich and diverse celebration of the artists’ relationships with the natural beauty of Hastings. 

Curated by Marybeth Haas in collaboration with Hastings Rail Station Management

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Wild Hastings is generously supported by 
Love Hastings LTD, Southeastern Railway and PhotoHastings

Wild Hastings Artist info:

Rose Biela 
I love the natural world in and around Hastings 
I have always been inspired by trees and when I had the opportunity to buy a house with a magnificent 90 yr old protected oak as it’s main garden feature I immediately put in an offer

The oak is a world of its own housing many creatures and worlds within 
I feel very connected to it

In the last year or so I have been confined to my home following a serious accident and still cannot walk well
I long to be out and about standing on the seashore or on the Downs
Everything is somewhat out of reach including my tree which I have not touched since the accident
It has however provided me with comfort offering its worlds and seasons to me and offering inspiration
It is difficult to manage a camera when one leg does not work
However my iPhone suffices for now
The images reflect my engagement with the oak and distance from other places

Ian Grant 
 All of these images were taken on the Collier Road Allotment site on the West Hill, with Ascent #1 capturing a sunrise over the East Hill. The allotment is where I connect with open space and remember to breathe, quietly cultivating a little bit of land while birds sing around me and badgers plot their nightly sabotage attempts. I almost never fail to return cleansed in spirit, if filthy in body. 

Marybeth Haas
I feel happiest when I am outdoors, deeply connected with the elements, communing with other-than-human beings. I feel blessed to live in a town surrounded by accessible and diverse environments with varying degrees of human impact. These images are an expression of, and attempt to share, my joy and gratitude for the beauty and nourishment I receive when I spend time in these places.

Andrew Moran
The resource images for these images were captured on a sunny day in July on the walk that runs from the end of Tackleway to Barley Lane on Hastings’ East Hill. The leafy lane has the semblance of being ‘wild’, though it is set in an environment created by the actions of people, of walkers, over many years. I have great affection for this green passage, it is a brief respite from the visual arrest and intervention of roads, traffic and architecture.

The method of construction that I have engaged with in making these images, gives them a technical or scientific appearance. It was my intention to make these patterned, ‘fractals’ from the outset. I deliberately did not want to make a ‘straight’ representation of the place but to intone that even the most ‘wild’ of places in our natural environment is in an altered state, a construct.

Hastings Promenade Exhibition is now finished but you can view the images here

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When we look for beauty in the world, the world becomes more beautiful.

Painting with my camera
I use photography to enjoy the moment and be creative with what IS, often creating images that swim between representation and abstraction. Below is a small sampling. 
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London Geometry


barely there







light under pier 02/13



Winter Sun





sky trees


Extreme Dawn


Rain Tree


ballroom ruins in sunset 2010




Some comments from people who have seen my work:
'Inspiring, absorbing and alive!'

'Absolutely stunning... the colours, the depth, the movement, the flow, are all beautiful...'
'Evocative images that reflect things we all experience as we pass through the world of visual experience...'
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