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References and Links for Well-being in truly challenging times

1 heartmath institute The video on this page explains heart brain coherence and the connection with stress really clearly. You can create coherence yourself naturally and there are quick links further down on this same page to info on how to do so without the need for apps or equipment. 

2 On this page of Dr Cahill’s website it clearly states how she is the ‘most cesnsored Irish ciitizen’  

Likewise Dr Mercola has also experienced a campaign to stop him sharing info on natural immunity and other info FDA warns Dr Mercola to stop writing about vitamin D

Video Interview between Dr Joseph Mercola and Del Bigtree discussing a variety of things including censorship and hope for future change- this has a positive slant towards the end.

The mirror project podcast on the suppression of science 

The Canadian doctors video in reference 3 also covers the doctors’ experience of being censored and attacked for expressing their concerns

3 Three Canadian doctors movingly discuss their decisions and reasons for speaking out to question and invite intelligent debate regarding current responses to pandemic circumstances. Issues of social justice as well as their fundamental commitment as doctors to first ‘do no harm’ are raised. 

4 two min interview extract with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, doctor, virologist and co author of the best-selling book, Corona: False Alarm? , explaining why he thinks that Covid-19 'case numbers' are completely meaningless.

5 this is the published testimony of Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. This is not opinion but scientifically backed up information that is forming a real legal case for crimes against humanity. I recommend watching the video in full because it contains detailed information about what he and his team have uncovered so far in their investigations of the pandemic situation, including invalidity of PCR tests, inflation of deaths from covid, the negative impact of lockdowns, suppression of alternative information. 

8 one minute interview extract with geneticist Bruce Lipton. There is a link to watch the full interview for free but requires signing up with email address that then gives access to 4 free webcast interviews, after which if you want to continue accessing material you need an annual subscription. 

9 Mirror project 30 min documentary film about vaccine trials; about 11 mins in although this video is worth watching all the way through if you are considering having a vaccine

10 From downloadable information sheets on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines on Alliance for Natural Health website, scroll down for document links

From the US national library of medicine about clinical trials 

11 Alliance for Natural Health website, scroll down to 8 min video discussing informed consent and how current vaccine is being administered

13 A mirror project podcast about vaccine trialsabout 10 minutes in talks about deaths and adverse events to vaccines, 23 minutes in explains immunity from liability for vaccines

14 video of Dr Bhakdi interviewed by Del Bigtree, around 4 minutes he is quoting  a Stanford University Doctor and a WHO bulletin in October 2020 
Additional related information & links that may be of interest if you want to find out more

Chris Crutchfield’s podcast; he has researched a lot of the scientific information and includes a page with links to loads of references. In ‘the one about vackzeens’ and ‘the 3 big fat lies’ he clearly explains some of the basics of what isn’t getting covered in mainstream media, with a sense of humour, tho I’m aware some may not like his humour.

I’ve not gone deeply into this aspect of things yet but I am aware of many claims of a connection between the roll out of faster electromagnetc radiation technology and Covid-19 as well as other pandemics. At least one of the symptoms being attributed to covid-19, loss of taste and smell, is also a symptom of radiation poisoning due to exposure to high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

Chris Crutchfield explaining electromagnetic radiation technology in simple terms, which helped me understand eletomagnetic frequency ranges and he mentions the interference that can happen with some human body processes at higher frequencies

The following definition of informed consent is from nhs website 
For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and informed, and the person consenting must have the capacity to make the decision.
The meaning of these terms are:
voluntary – the decision to either consent or not to consent to treatment must be made by the person, and must not be influenced by pressure from medical staff, friends or family
informed – the person must be given all of the information about what the treatment involves, including the benefits and risks, whether there are reasonable alternative treatments, and what will happen if treatment does not go ahead
capacity – the person must be capable of giving consent, which means they understand the information given to them and can use it to make an informed decision

Information on inalienable rights, the rights we are ALL born with and which international law protects even though we do not need laws to justify these rights. We are born with them.

Scroll down page of this site for video of Dr Cahill interviewed by James Corbett, at 2 mins 18 sec in we hear about her long list of credentials and she goes on to speak about how she has witnessed fear mongering and manipulation of science in the health and academic sectors and also freedom of speech rights being eroded over last 25 years and just after that she mentions the inalienable rights of all humans ; at 15 mins in she details a project to legally challenge the frauludent use of pcr tests 

Delores Cahill with more on inalienable rights

Information on different physician oaths and codes of ethics agreed to upon completion of medical training:  

The Mirror Project, a project designed to educate the public about what is going on, by a group of investigative journalists who chose to leave mainstream media because of what they saw happening regarding the biased reporting of the pandemic. There are videos, podcasts and downloads available all with important and empowering information 

Irish program ‘The Healthy Debate’ on the pandemic. Found on Professor Cahill’s website, scroll down to the video ‘Prof Cahill and Ivor Cummins analysing the pandemic’. At about 8 minutes in Ivor shares how WHO (world Health Organisation) recently changed guidelines about test and trace in pandemic circumstances. At 15min30sec discussion of existing effective treatment and preventions for covid 19 and therefore no need for emergency measures  

About Asymptomatic spreaders of covid-19 This link may not work because access requires a magazine subscription. I’m happy to send a pdf copy by email if requested for personal use only. 

UK Medical Freedom Alliance on vaccines; an alliance of UK medical professionals, scientists and lawyers who have found that the Government’s response to COVID-19 is misguided and not based upon the best available scientific evidence. They are campaigning for Medical Freedom, Informed Consent and Bodily Autonomy to be preserved and protected.