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Hastings Pier

I am building a dedicated site for my images of Hastings Pier. Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/marybethshastingspier/Home  

I have enjoyed Hastings Pier since moving to Hastings 11 years ago. During my first few years of living here I remember visiting the pier often--drumming at Griti Palace and dancing at world music events in the ballroom especially. For me, the whole idea of a pier was a complete novelty, as a stranger to the UK. After the pier closed for safety reasons, I was still intrigued by the ever-present shapes of its structure jutting out from the seafront and I regularly photographed it, surrounded by a multitude of continually changing tides, light and weather conditions. When the fire happened in 2010, I felt bereft at first and then, again, became fascinated with its structure and the potential to be creative with colour light and shape. I am delighted that there are enough people in Hastings who also love it to allow it to be rebuilt with care and creativityible. I have become even more fascinated by the aesthetic beauty of its structure and how it is constantly changing with the ongoing restoration work. I feel compelled to continue to photograph the pier's shapes and structures as work progresses. The pier has become deeply symbolic for me-- of life's constant change, of a world between land and sea, of a magical place where things may not be as they seem.